Fischer Introduces the New RC4 Boot Collection

At Fischer, RC4 stands for the pinnacle of performance and design at the highest level and has done so for many years. For season 23I24, Fischer introduces an entirely new series of race/performance boots under the RC4 label. Race-level Performance for All! But what makes these boots so special? The RC4 boot line offers all-day control and power transfer for ambitious skiers seeking to reach the next level. RC4 ski boots are available in three...

Finding the Right Length Cross-Country Ski Pole

Choosing the right length of cross-country ski poles is crucial for optimal performance and comfort. Here are some general guidelines to help you find the right length: For both classical skiing and freestyle (skate) skiing standup without shoes or boots on the floor.  Hold the pole vertically with the tip down on the floor. Classic Skiing: For classical skiing where the straps attached to the grip should be between your armpit and the top of...

Finding the Right Length Pole for Downhill Skiing

Finding the right length poles for downhill skiing is essential for maintaining balance, stability, and proper technique on the slopes. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine the correct pole length: Stand-Up Straight: Stand up straight with your ski boots on and the tips of your skis flat on the ground. Hold the Poles: Hold the ski poles upside down, with the grips touching the ground and the tips pointing upward. Check Elbow...

Using a Bluetooth Headset While Skiing – Reasons to Get One

The benefits of using a Bluetooth headset while skiing is numerous. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. Some Bluetooth headphones even have a 100-meter range.  You can also use voice commands to control certain features. You will want to get one for skiing! Until then, here are some reasons to get one. Weigh the pros and cons to decide what’s right for you. Comfortable Using a Bluetooth headset while skiing is an excellent...

Training Maniac: 6 Things You Must Have to Cross Train in Preparation for Downhill Skiing

Traveling is fun, but what about staying fit and healthy? Traveling while staying in shape is a typical struggle for many people. We frequently feel that it’s our time to engage and spoil ourselves while on vacation, and we typically head home significantly overweight than when we left. You won’t want to ruin all your work and effort while on vacation, especially if you routinely workout and eat a balanced diet when at home. A...

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