Off-season Cross-Training Starts Tomorrow

For competitive skiers April is a month to take a vacation, let their bodies and minds recover and catch-up on other parts of life.  But tomorrow is May 1st, which classically marks the beginning of the next season.  However, this doesn’t mean you need to go searching for snow, there are lots of actives you can participate in to ease back into a routine so 2024/25 will be your best ski season ever. Cross-training for...

Finding the Right Length Cross-Country Ski Pole

Choosing the right length of cross-country ski poles is crucial for optimal performance and comfort. Here are some general guidelines to help you find the right length: For both classical skiing and freestyle (skate) skiing standup without shoes or boots on the floor.  Hold the pole vertically with the tip down on the floor. Classic Skiing: For classical skiing where the straps attached to the grip should be between your armpit and the top of...

Lake Placid, New York: A Winter Playground

Mirror Lake Mount Van Hoevenberg The outdoor center at Mount Van Hoevenberg is just a short drive from Lake Placid and is named in honor of Henry Van Hoevenberg, a Dutch immigrant and early Adirondack explorer. Here are some key points about Mount Van Hoevenberg: Elevation: Mount Van Hoevenberg has an elevation of approximately 2,940 feet (896 meters) above sea level. Winter Sports: The mountain is well-known for its winter sports facilities. The Mount Van...

2024 Top 10 Cross-Country Ski Resorts in North America

For true skiing connoisseurs, cross-country skiing is where it is at. Downhill skiing might be a little more glamorous, more flashy, and make for the best GoPro videos, but nothing can beat the glorious joy and aerobic challenge of cross-country skiing. A far cry from the gravity-assisted ease of downhill skiing, your first attempt at strapping on cross-country skis might leave you baffled at the physics-defying skills required. But with a little perseverance (and a...

How to Combine Two Passions: Cross-Country Skiing and Dating?

Cross-country skiing outperforms so many other sports that focus on the legs or the arms alone. The low-impact aspect of the sport is beneficial for people of all ages. But something most people do not know is that cross-country skiing can be an exciting way to strengthen your relationship. In fact, those who are passionate about this sport can definitely arrange a date around this activity, and if you are also interested in something like...

Key benefits of beginner skiing in 2022

As skiers like to joke, the two most significant inventions of humanity are the wheel and the ski. And you can’t argue with them because some of the skis found are up to 4,000 years old! So skis are one of the oldest human-made devices. Many remember when they used to ski around the school on wooden skis with rubber bindings. We want to cheer you up – those days are gone irrevocably. Now skiing...

The Best Cross-Country Ski Slopes for Advanced Skiers

This is the time of year when Europe’s top ski resorts begin to open their slopes and the best cross-country skiers begin their preparations for the World Cup season. For fans who want to follow the action, there is plenty of coverage, and even opportunities to wager on your favorite competitor at sites like BestOdds. Unlike many sports, cross-country skiing gives amateurs and leisure skiers the chance to try their abilities in the same setting...

Best Places to Go Cross-Country Skiing in Canada

Cross-country skiing is one of the most satisfying winter sports. It’s an activity that thousands of enthusiasts from Canada and abroad enjoy practicing. If you have a pair of skis and some snow, you can go out and explore the world around you. There are so many places to ski in Canada that it can be hard to decide where to go first. We’ve put together this list of Canada’s best cross-country skiing locations, so...

The Formula One Star Who Loves Cross Country Skiing

  Throughout the years, there have been strong ties between the racetracks and the slopes. The need for speed has attracted many drivers to downhill, with Kitzbuhel and Madonna di Campiglio being the scene of many press conferences and driving displays. Lindsey Vonn revealed she had seriously considered switching sports were it not for restrictions around pregnancy being necessitated for a chance at an F1 ride. As we’ve recently profiled, Nordic skiing is one of the fastest growing...

A great trail, skis, and snow are all you need for a fun outdoor winter experience. Owing to the accessibility of trails and the fun nature of the sport, skiing makes for a great family bonding time. However, competitive downhill skiing is not the safest way to give your child an adrenaline rush. Cross-country skiing, on the other hand, is a safe way to break your daily monotonous routine and guide your kids in mastering...

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