7 Affordable Destinations to Go Cross-Country Skiing in Eastern Europe

Ski CenterNovember 22, 2021


Winter is a time of magical seasonal holidays and joyful outside activities. For those who enjoy cross-country skiing but are low on budget, consider skiing in Eastern Europe. Yes, the Alps are not the only destination for experienced skiing fans. 

Eastern Europe has the best off-piste places to offer skiing-savvy lovers. Not a fan of remote roads? Then visit the most famous family resorts or take the company of friends with you.

Meanwhile, check a list of amazing cross-country skiing spots to choose from in the article below. 

Reasons to Go Skiing in Eastern Europe

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A few advantages in going to Eastern European resorts:

  • The spots are less crowded. Hence, you’ll enjoy beauty without being distracted by noisy neighbors;
  • You’ll save time while waiting in the lines for the lift (there is no crowd, remember?);
  • You’ll save money while getting high-quality service and enjoying magnificent landscapes;
  • The climate is milder than in other European parts.

#1: Sinaia in Romania

One of the most popular spots among sports-savvy tourists, Sinaia is fun to visit. Being the highest resort in Romania, the place opens scenic beauty to tourists. If you’re not in the mood for skiing and hiking, there are other activities to consider in Sinaia. Join ordinary tourists and do the following: 

  • Visit the masterpiece of architecture. Peles Castle was built in the best architectural tradition of the German New Renaissance. Explore 160 decorated rooms and get lost in Romanian history;
  • Indulge your thirst for novelty. Romanian cuisine is a great way to familiarize yourself with the local culture. Check sidebars and dining restaurants. 

#2: Jahorina in Bosnia

‘Jahorina’ is the name of the highest mountain in Bosnia. In fact, Olympic sportsmen skied down Jahorina’s pistes in 1984. Later, the war started, and the world forgot about Jahorina’s picturesque scenery. However, things turned for the better in the last decades.
Nowadays, Jahorina is a resort under constant rebuilding. One can find a hotel in any price range, making Jahorina an attractive spot for students on a low budget.

Why choose Jahorina for your next holiday?

  • Depending on one’s skiing proficiency, there are pistes for both intermediates and professionals; 
  • You can opt for mountain biking or hiking if you’re not a fan of skiing;
  • There are spa centers to relax at the end of a busy day;
  • It has majestic scenery which you can enjoy regardless of your skiing skills.

#3: Mavrovo in Macedonia

Now, this spot is a true jewel in the skiing connoisseur’s collection. One must be really into skiing to know Mavrovo because the resort does not fancy ads. Smaller than other locations on this list, Mavrovo is a great place for skiers who prefer solitude.

The place equals the high-quality services one can find in luxurious European resorts. For those who want to relax after having skied all day long, check the Turkish hammam at the spa center. Other services to consider are sauna and spa services.

Why consider Mavrovo?

  • Low prices;
  • No crowds;
  • High-quality services;
  • Perfect for those who prefer peaceful recreation.

#4: Borovets in Bulgaria

Another great place to enjoy skiing and beautiful nature. It is designed to accommodate everyone regardless of their skiing level. If it’s your first time as a skier, school instructors will teach you. The houses are on the slopes right near the pistes, making it a comfy destination. The roads are the best for intermediate skiers or beginners due to the flat landforms. Nonetheless, proficient skiers will find a few off-piste paths to enjoy too. 

Why choose Borovets?

  • The prices are ridiculously low; 
  • Has a ski school for beginners; 
  • Along with skiing, you can learn snowboarding;
  • There are pubs and restaurants with tasty local food to visit. 

#5: Vogel Ski Resort in Slovenia

Perfect option for Austrians who are the closest to Slovenia and who want a change of scenery. The tourist season includes four months, starting in December and ending in early April. This is great for skiers who love visiting resorts more than once in a season. 

The slopes are accommodated for everyone regardless of their proficiency level in skiing. There is a special place for children where parents can leave them in safety. Also, one can find a park where professionals in snowboarding and skiing perform stunts. 

Why consider Vogel Ski Resort?

  • The prices are low (only 30 euros for all-day lifts);
  • A great place for traveling as a family; 
  • A variety of activities designed for tourists from all walks of life;
  • Pubs and clubs for those who prefer nightlife.

#6: Popova Sapka in Macedonia

Another wonderful skiing spot in Macedonia. More popular than Mavrovo, Popova Sapka attracts skiers with different proficiency levels. The variety of off-piste roads makes the destination a perfect place for both beginners and advanced skiers. 

Check the Eskimo Freeride to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and get a boost of adrenaline. 

Why choose Popova Sapka?

  • The mountain is one of the highest in Eastern Europe;
  • There are lower risks of an avalanche due to soft rounded landforms; 
  • You can freeride as long as you want (again, due to the gentle relief).

#7: Sljeme in Croatia

The last skiing spot on our list, Sljeme, is perfect for both landscape and cityscape lovers. Because the mountain is high above Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, you can enjoy the city lights at night. If you want to go sightseeing in the capital, choose to stay in one of Zagreb’s hotels. In this way, you’ll be close to both city life and skiing lifts. 

Final Thoughts

Skiing is a fun way to spend your time if you’re in love with winter activities. By choosing one of the Eastern European resorts, you save time and money. From Mavrovo in Macedonia to Borovets in Bulgaria, everyone can find a place they like. Choose your destination wisely and stay warm.

Bundle up, folks, for winter is coming. 

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