5 Tips for Skiers Who Are Always Cold

Ski CenterAugust 3, 2022
Recreational classic. (Photo: Michael Hoyt)

The cold… is what accompanies skiers at every step! Which is not surprising, after all, a winter sport! Even in wide and warm boots, in which most skiers ride, at temperatures below 15 degrees below zero, their feet can freeze. What can we say about narrower and colder shoes with good foot fixation. Let’s talk about what to do to prevent hypothermia, colds and just an uncomfortable state during skiing.


  1. Pay attention to comfort even before class

The beginning of freezing sometimes occurs before the start of the lesson. Check if you are dressed warmly enough and choose a convenient mode of transport in advance. We recommend using a car, so you will definitely get there in warmth and comfort. If you don’t have your own car, you can take a taxi or rent a car. Car rental will be a much more profitable option even for those who choose luxury car rentals, because the prices in car rental services are really low. Plus, when choosing a car for rent, you control the road and choose how exactly your route will be laid.


  1. Attention to clothing

When preparing for skating, choose your shoes carefully. In order for the legs to be as warm as possible, the shoe should fit the leg precisely and tightly, but not squeeze it. In such areas of the body, blood vessels or nerve fibers may be compressed. But do not forget that the shoes should not hang out! The best way is to choose the right tight–fitting shoes, followed by an appeal to the bootfitter. Depending on the design and material, he will choose the fitting method – milling or local stretching of the outer shoe. After this procedure process, you should get shoes that will be comfortable in all areas. Pay attention to the protruding bones at the base of the thumb and little finger, the instep, heel, ankles.


  1. Choosing socks

Remember about the cleanliness and size of socks. Socks should be absolutely clean and not too thick. This piece of clothing in ski boots should provide a layer between the foot and the inner boot and remove moisture from the surface of the skin and give it to the inner boot. We need thin socks made of wool, polypropylene or other synthetic materials. However, it is not recommended to take cotton products, because cotton absorbs moisture, retains it and ceases to warm the foot. The thinner the sock, the better the foot will breathe and the vapors will be removed faster. Thick socks will retain moisture near the surface of the skin.


  1. Sweat

It is impossible to prevent the release of sweat during sports, but it can be easily combated. This is especially important for winter sports, because wet feet freeze faster. An excellent remedy is antiperspirants with aluminum chloride or similar. Please note: you do not need a deodorant, but an antiperspirant. It will keep your feet dry, so your socks will stay dry and warm.


  1. Electric insoles

There are too many opportunities in the modern world to make your life more comfortable. For those who care about warmth, there are heated insoles! Enjoy the benefits of civilization and keep your health in order!

Here are as many as 5 life hacks from experienced athletes for those who are just starting their career or those who have not heard about modern rules. We wish you good health and effective workouts without harm to the body!

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