How to Combine Two Passions: Cross-Country Skiing and Dating?

Ski CenterDecember 2, 2022
Photo: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

Cross-country skiing outperforms so many other sports that focus on the legs or the arms alone. The low-impact aspect of the sport is beneficial for people of all ages. But something most people do not know is that cross-country skiing can be an exciting way to strengthen your relationship.

In fact, those who are passionate about this sport can definitely arrange a date around this activity, and if you are also interested in something like that, here is how to combine passions with ease.

Where to Find Your Own Cross-Country Skiing-Lover?

First thing first, when you are in love with skiing and want to be with someone who shares the same passion, nothing works better than joining a dating site. This is because so many modern matchmaking platforms are now designed to help you meet people based on interests and hobbies. By joining the right platform, you never have to ask, “how do I find local hookup spots near me to date like-minded people?”

All you have to do is create your profile, share your preferences, and connect with potential candidates. Since modern-day dating sites utilize geo-location filters, it is a lot easier now to find someone in your proximity. You might have already crossed paths with someone who lives nearby and is a cross-country skiing enthusiast.

Meeting them online means you can interact at your own pace and take your time to plan how to go ahead with your relationship. Since you share the same passion, starting a conversation is never going to be a problem, either. And in most cases, you can arrange a date in person so long as you know how to break the ice like a pro.

Recreational classic. (Photo: Jean Bapiste)

Do Not Waste Time and Start Skiing Together

The best part about using dating sites to meet skiing fans is that they just cannot say no to anything related to the sport. As mentioned already, your chat sessions would go easy and become a lot more interesting since you can talk about something you both love – that is, cross-country skiing.

You can talk about anything related to skiing. Discuss which time period featured the most stylish ski wear, which movies had the funniest chairlift antics, and which ski scene tops them all. But, do not drag it too far and focus more on meeting in the real world. And it could be a skiing date, which your partner is not going to ignore.

Go On Popular Matches with Cross-Country Skiing Athletes

A great idea is to join skiing events in your area and connect with athletes to find a hookup in real life. But, even if you are a bit too shy, you can use the internet, join a dating site, and then communicate with your partner about how they would want the date to go.

Communication is essential when you want to combine cross-country skiing and dating. It is crucial to establish an agenda for the big day early on and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Planning who to ski with and where to go for the day is a big part of any ski trip. Ask important questions. Like Should you ski steeps and look for powder or shred some groomers?

A cold beer and warm sunshine. Photo: Lumi Experiences Seefeld – Engadin

Go for Your Date at Popular Cross-Country Skiing Sports Pubs

Do you have any cross-country skiing sports pubs in your area? Do not forget to frequent these venues when looking for a dating partner. You can meet so many new people who are passionate about skiing but are singles too.

You can also make your online dating partner meet you at one of the sports pubs in your area. Be sure to get all your gear ready a day before so you can meet your partner and you could have fun skiing together.

Try Virtual Dates

Do not let the fact that you are a single skier who is looking for love dampen your spirits. It is possible to have a naughty date night without leaving the house if you join the growing number of people looking for “Virtual First Date Ideas.” Many online dating sites use virtual reality and other technologies to assist users in arranging dates with people who live far away. Take advantage of these opportunities, and you will never feel alone again.


Your love for cross-country skiing can guide you while looking for a dating partner. Besides joining sports clubs and pubs in your area, you can take advantage of online dating sites and meet people specifically searching for cross-country skiers. Simply set your preferences, and you will be all set to communicate with singles who are truly passionate about skiing and would love to meet you for a real date in town. Just be sure to select the best platform, and your dating game will improve for sure!

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