Off-season Cross-Training Starts Tomorrow

For competitive skiers April is a month to take a vacation, let their bodies and minds recover and catch-up on other parts of life.  But tomorrow is May 1st, which classically marks the beginning of the next season.  However, this doesn’t mean you need to go searching for snow, there are lots of actives you can participate in to ease back into a routine so 2024/25 will be your best ski season ever. Cross-training for...

Off-season Strength Training for Alpine Skiers

Okay, you had a great winter of alpine skiing, but you want next season to be even better!  Off-season strength training for alpine skiers should focus on developing strength, power, agility, and endurance, while also addressing any weaknesses or imbalances in the body. Here are some key exercises and training principles: Compound Lifts: Include exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, and variations thereof to target major muscle groups in the legs, hips, and lower back. These...

Lara Gut-Behrami well on course for World Cup Crystal

First and second places in the two Super-G races in Kvitfjell see Lara Gut-Behrami further extend her lead in the overall World Cup and the Super-G discipline. The HEAD Worldcup Rebels celebrate a double victory on Saturday with Lara Gut-Behrami and Cornelia Hütter. In Aspen, Atle Lie McGrath finishes third on Friday, returning to the Giant Slalom podium for the first time in more than three years. “If you can bag points the way Lara...

The Big Five: Unpacking the Most Loved Winter Sports in the US

  While some individuals may see winter as a period for rest, it is important to note that this time of year is the most demanding and active for several sportspeople and sports enthusiasts. The popularity of winter sports may vary according to several variables, including the host nation, media coverage, and the regional appeal of certain sports. Skiing and snowboarding are very popular winter sports in the United States. The average number of skiers...

Vermont Ski Areas Recognize National Ski Safety Awareness Month

New Partnership with Snow Angel Foundation Focuses on Collision Avoidance This month ski areas across Vermont are participating in National Safety Awareness Month, promoted by the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA).  While Vermont’s ski areas remain focused on the safety of guests and employees every day, the goal of the annual month-long initiative is to remind skiers and snowboarders of the important role they play in mountain safety. The dynamic nature of snow sports is...

Plan a Ski Trip to South America in 2024

While South America is not as well-known for skiing as some other regions, there are still some excellent options for ski trips in the southern part of the continent. Here are a few popular destinations: Argentina: Cerro Catedral (Catedral Alta Patagonia): Located near the town of San Carlos de Bariloche in the Argentine Andes, Cerro Catedral is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in South America. It offers a variety of slopes...

No Snow in the Northeastern USA, but there is still skiing in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s ski areas are open for the holiday week, many with top-to-bottom trails available for skiers and riders. While recent rain has resulted in a temporary pause in snowmaking, ski area snowmaking teams took advantage of early season cold weather and the cold temperatures experienced mid-week before the holidays to make as much snow as possible to cover trails and ensure a good skiing surface for guests. “With colder nighttime temperatures and the potential...

2024 Best Downhill Ski Resorts in Europe

Determining the “best” downhill ski resorts can be subjective, as it depends on individual preferences, skill levels, and specific preferences for terrain and amenities. However, as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, here are ten well-regarded downhill ski resorts in Europe: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France: Known for its challenging terrain and stunning views of Mont Blanc. Zermatt, Switzerland: Home to the iconic Matterhorn, offering excellent skiing and a charming village. St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria:...

Lake Placid, New York: A Winter Playground

Mirror Lake Mount Van Hoevenberg The outdoor center at Mount Van Hoevenberg is just a short drive from Lake Placid and is named in honor of Henry Van Hoevenberg, a Dutch immigrant and early Adirondack explorer. Here are some key points about Mount Van Hoevenberg: Elevation: Mount Van Hoevenberg has an elevation of approximately 2,940 feet (896 meters) above sea level. Winter Sports: The mountain is well-known for its winter sports facilities. The Mount Van...

2024 Best Downhill Ski Resorts in Norway

Norway offers several excellent downhill ski resorts, known for their stunning landscapes and well-developed facilities. Some of the best downhill ski resorts in Norway include: Hemsedal: One of Norway’s largest ski resorts with a variety of slopes for all skill levels. Trysil: The largest ski resort in Norway, known for its modern facilities and family-friendly environment. Geilo: A classic Norwegian ski destination offering a charming village and diverse skiing terrain. Beitostølen: A popular resort known...

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